Quality Time

Understanding quality time

What is quality time?

Quality time, sometimes shortened to QT, is a phrase that refers to moments of greater value than other occasions, usually spent in the company of people who are most important to us. By contrast, time which is deemed to be of low-quality is when we are not available to our loved ones, such as time spent at work or being distracted by daily chores and other activities. Of course, there is nothing to say that you cannot achieve a period of quality time when you are on your own or in the company of colleagues rather than friends or family members, for example. Nevertheless, to most people, the idea of quality time is one that is bound up without distractions where your total focus can be given to the people around you. As such, it tends to be associated with holidays and other periods where there are fewer demands on our attention.

 When is it best to make quality time?

As mentioned, QT is often associated with prolonged periods of rest, such as days out together or going on holiday. However, no hard and fast rule says it can only come at such times. For example, it is perfectly possible to have moments of high quality with loved-ones on a daily basis. This will often come about most effectively when a specific time is given over to talking and sharing information about the day. In many family set-ups, meal times taken together offer just such an opportunity.

How can you spend quality time with your partner?

If you have a young family or other demands on your daily life, then finding sufficient time to nurture your relationship can be problematic. To achieve more time with your partner that could reasonably be described as high in quality, it may be necessary to make time in both of your diaries where distractions from digital devices and other sources will be banned. Ideally, you will find a babysitter to look after the kids and spend time in each others' company without anyone else. Some married and other long-term couples achieve just such a framework by going on dates just as they might have done when they first met.

What is quality time with your family?

QT with your family comes down to your priorities as a group. Some families spend quality time together, playing games or music. Shared experiences - like going to a performance or watching a sporting contest - can also count in this regard. Doing what the other people in your family like, even if you don't care for it personally, is always a good move to get more quality time into your life.

Why is quality time important?

Without quality time, relationships can deteriorate. All personal relationships – with friends, family members and partners – can break down unless sufficient time is given over to help them grow. As such, setting aside time is one of the best ways of keeping your relationships going.

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