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Cat Bar

Cat Bar is a vegan burger and craft beer bar located in El Born, in the centre of Barcelona. This cosy, no-frills restaurant is a popular choice for anyone who loves a delicious vegan burger in a casual setting. Those hoping to be greeted by actual cats at this restaurant will be thoroughly disappointed, unless referrring to the bar's owner, Cat. The Cat Bar team make it abundantly clear on their website that this is not a 'cat restaurant', although the name might suggest otherwise.

While there is no air-con or table service, Cat Bar offers a tempting menu with all its dishes being vegan. The burgers are made from beans, vegetables, nuts, hemp seeds, and all contain gluten and soy. Apart from the many burgers, Cat Bar's menu also offers a salad of the day and wheat- and gluten-free plate of the day, as well as hummus with carrot sticks and bread, and patatas bravas. Beer lovers will be pleased to find eight different beers on tap, and anyone who is slightly indecisive can try them all as €1 tasters before making a decision. Non-beer drinkers have a generous selection of juices to choose from, and Cat Bar also offers wine, spirits and tea.

The kitchen is open from 18:30 Monday - Wednesday, and on Thursday - Saturday, one can visit Cat Bar for lunch from 13:30 until 21:00, while the bar remains open until 21:30. If you're planning on coming with a group of friends, please note that it's not possible to split the bill and the maximum table size is for five people.

Cat Bar doesn't take reservations but offers free wifi to everyone. The bar also features a piano for the use of all patrons if you're feeling creative after your burger and a few pints. Meow.


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