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The team behind Rasoterra pride themselves on being true foodies and offer an array of tasty dishes and beverages, with links to the slow food movement, originating from Italy. Rasoterra is based on two principles: providing high quality vegetarian and vegan food, and using local, seasonal products, which, combined, result in a gastronomic bistro. The aim is to offer a space where you can come together with friends, family or a loved one, over delicious food that is good for you, the community and the environment. The passion for food is evident from the creativity in the kitchen to the delightful dish presented at the table.

The innovative menu at Rasoterra includes dozens of dishes that were carefully selected based on seasonal availability, and everything works wonderfully well to share across the table. From vegetarian bolognese or vegan surf & turf to creamy soups and decadent croquettes, Rasoterra's menu will make the mouth water even for the pickiest of diners. If you find it too hard to choose, Rasoterra has a seasonal seven-dish tasting menu, as well as a shorter lunchtime tasting menu, consisting of four dishes. Apart from their savoury food, Rasoterra also has a few indulging treats on the list for those with a sweet tooth, and many of the desserts are both vegan and gluten-free.

Rasoterra offers filtered tap water, which is a clear sign of their environmental consciousness. Furthermore, there is an excellent selection of organic and sulphite-free wines, cider from Vall d'Aran, juice, sake, and Catalan gin.

Rasoterra is open for dinner between 19:00 to 23:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, and serve lunch on Saturdays and Sundays between 13:00 and 16:00. They also offer catering, meaning you can enjoy the Rasoterra food and concept at events or parties. With years of experience and flexibility, Rasoterra will adapt to your needs, whether it is a seated dinner or a casual affair with finger food.


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