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Corporal Center Barcelona are two studios specializing in the prevention, treatment, and care of muscular health through the most current principles of active physiotherapy. One studio is in Sant Gervasi, the other one in Sarriá.
Both Corporal Center services are oriented to the improvement of the health and well-being of a person through movement, active work, and physical activity, and are supervised by physiotherapists and health professionals.

Corporal Center Barcelona offers exercise programs and specific active physiotherapy techniques updated and supported by scientific evidence that combine physical conditioning, education, and motivation. As a practical tool, the classes often work with a ballet bar.

In this Yoga studio, everyone is welcome. The Corporal Center welcomes all ages and conditions, and there are also courses designed explicitly to those, who in other Yoga Studios often don't find the right program. At Corporal Center, Barcelona courses are being offered for elderly people as well as for people with chronical pain. Both parties find at the Corporal Center with the supervision of physiotherapists and health professionals the perfect surroundings to improve their health.

Corporal Center Barcelona establishes with its courses a working system that enhances balance while providing safety in movements. The exercises are controlled and supervised and fulfil the purpose of mobilizing the joints. Here, the joints are allowed to recover their physiological capacities, while preventing injuries and malformations due to improper use or misuse of them. With a particular type of practice, the courses can eliminate lumbar, pelvic, and cervical pain. The return to more adequate ways of organizing movements and postures allow elderly people to face their lives in a much healthier way.

Corporal Center Barcelona is offering a significant amount of different courses with opening hours from Monday to Saturday at the studio in Sant Gervasi and Monday to Friday at the studio in Sarriá.

More Information:
, , , , Tel. 931 057 056 - 672 342 757,
Sant Gervasi: Carrer de Sant Elies, 29, 08006 Barcelona, Sarriá: Carrer de Francesc Carbonell, 21, 08034 Barcelona


There are two studios in Barcelona:Sant Gervasi: Carrer de Sant Elies, 29, 08006 Barcelona Sarriá: Carrer de Francesc Carbonell, 21, 08034 Barcelona


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