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Hara Yoga Studio

Hara is the centre of the human body, but the body is much more than just a bio-physiological object, which is why Hara is the spiritual centre as well, to the extent that the body is the natural envelope of the body. Therefore, the word Hara, separately or in an expression, always refers to the condition of man in his totality, to his fundamental form of being, as well as to the specific spiritual qualities on which a just way of being depends; thus allowing this form to manifest itself into existence.""

Hara yoga studio offers high-quality classes with the essence of the origin and tradition of yoga. Each class is designed as not only a physical practice but a unique experience. Hara yoga studio Barcelona is located on Via Augusta 165 in two well-lit shalas dedicated to the practice of yoga. There are showers, toilets, patios with plenty of natural light, room to store bicycles and a space for people to organise their own events, workshops or courses. Hara yoga studio also has its own cafeteria called Coco Green Cafe for kombucha, tea and healthy food options.

Hara Yoga studio offers unlimited classes of Vinyasa Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Hatha Raja, Iyengar, Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama and guided meditation. Classes are held in English and Spanish from Monday to Saturday. Hara yoga studio currently offers a summer promo for €60, valid for July and August, to join as many classes as one wishes. Otherwise, classes are €7 per class. Hara yoga studio also offers private lessons at €65 per 45-minute session and 200-hour yoga teacher training courses for Yoga Alliance and Hatha Vinyasa.

For a more immersive experience, there are frequent workshops and urban day retreats at Hara yoga studio from July to February 2020 with local and international teachers and yogis.


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