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Yoganet is an oasis of calm in the bustling city centre of Barcelona. Yoganet helps you find inner peace through yoga and meditation without the need for impossible postures. Their mission is to bring yoga closer to people, and are convinced that yoga is inclusive and has a wonderful virtue of adapting to any human condition.

The Yoganet team is comprised of Ximena Escobar Avila, Paula Colantonio, and Vladimir Kolakovic. Their collective goal is to contribute to changing the world; leaving their children with a loving and more just society.

At Yoganet, they believe in the transforming power of education, which is why they offer classes by professional teachers to deepen your personal evolution and contribute to a better world. All Yoganet courses are aimed at those who'd like to acquire knowledge to teach to others and those who'd like to deepen their yogic path.

Yoganet created a space that allows one to find the inner peace we all yearn for by providing millenary techniques of yoga and meditation. The Yoganet team created an area with a lot of warmth and care, equipped with everything needed for the yoga practice. For those looking to rent a harmonious space with good energy, Yoganet is the place to do so.

Discover the benefits of yoga at Yoganet with classes that best suit your needs and level. Yoganet invites you to try a week of unlimited classes, free of charge to find the practice that best works for you. Choose from Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa, Kundalini, pregnancy yoga, therapeutic yoga, yoga Nidra, chair yoga, and meditation. For mothers, there is a weekly yoga practice for children from 4-12 years old, and a mom and baby class.

Lastly, Yoganet offers yoga for companies to reduce labour losses caused by musculoskeletal disorders and increasing the wellbeing and productivity of employees by reducing stress levels with yoga. Classes are designed so everyone can join, and each one hour class includes asanas, breathing exercises and a short meditation.


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