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YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona is a space for all those who want to know, practice and deepen yoga, a science created for the welfare and improvement of the human being in its entirety. With nine Yoga teachers, healers and massagists on board, YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona offers a wide range of Yoga practices, Thai massages and natural healing offers. From classical Hatha Yoga to pregnancy Yoga, from Yoga courses for mothers with babies to the new trend of Aerial Yoga: at YOGA OMNIUM, everyone can find the right yoga program best suited to them.

Hatha Yoga, offered at YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona, is a traditional yoga style, suitable for all ages and levels. The class begins by stimulating the main joints and releasing them from toxins. It continues with practices for cleaning the respiratory tract, which eliminates accumulated pollution, improving oxygen and the energy level of the organism. In the second part of the class, the chained exercises stimulate the whole body and relax the vertebral axis. The class concludes with a conscious relaxation, which allows the body to calm down after the Hatha Yoga practise, leaving the course with a calm mind and an energized body.

In Aerial Yoga courses, the participants use slings and gravity to allow them to align the body with ease. In this new Yoga style, it's possible to explore and refine the most advanced postures without the difficulty of doing them on the ground. Aerial Yoga is a mixture of Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Gymnastics. At YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona you can participate in Aerial Yoga courses which allow you, by the use of slings and scarfs, to stimulate deep muscles almost without gravity. Aerial Yoga classes are offered one Saturday per month from 10 am to 12 am.

YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona also offers classes for pregnant women. In this studio, they believe in the importance of dedicating an exclusive space to women who are in this moment of change and special growth. Also, after birth, mothers can adjust to their new role by calming their mind and energizing their body in the safe space of the welcoming Yoga Studio. YOGA OMNIUM Barcelona offers classes for mothers with babies because they believe that childbirth is a unique, magical moment of transition and transformation in which the vital energy of women plays a fundamental role. In these classes, babies are welcome too. They are the ones who set the pace of the class, which will be fluid and adapted to the demands of both mothers and children.

As an exclusive offer, YOGA OMNIUM is also a place to get natural healing treatments such as Chiromassage, Reflexology, Sacro-Cranial treatments, Lymphatic drainage and Shiatsu. To further enable the body and mind to heal and stay healthy, meditation classes are held one Saturday per month from 10am to 1pm.

Prices range from 5€ for the first try-out, 38€/month for one class per week or 54€/month for two classes per week. You can also buy a special bonus pack with lower prices.

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Carrer de Pons i Gallarza 48
08030 Barcelona,
931 254 924


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