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finding friends and a girl


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hi everyone

was wondering how you would be able to find a girl friend the old way our parents did in the 80s/90s, still think it is possible.

want to be able to go on dates and do things with the girl, dont want to have kids or live together 24/7 or to share the usual couples things with the girlfriend but want to be able to hug/kiss/do all the girlfriend things/hold hands.

sister is seeing someone and feel that have got no one and wondered if there is a way to find a girl without the expense of constantly hiring a companion until the girl comes along.

how do you get someone to introduce you, how do you find a friend who might be happy to go out with you on dates and do some of the things, how do you find a person who would be happy doing it with you.

where can you go to find girls and where can you go when you work every weekend (or think about it) when it seems to be about time theyre out doing stuff.

how do you find a single girl, is there anything that can be done for now until youre doing something with less weekend work (there may be some here and there, not sure) which youre hanging out for place to sell which may take a while.

dont have a girl to dress up with and go to places with like you would for school formals or whatever else and last time that had gotten to experience that was 18 years ago in year 12 and theres no weddings or events coming up and still dont have the girl.

also how do you find a girl to dance with like in a wedding or school formal as theres no weddings as said coming up and still even then dont have the girl, how would you find someone thats happy doing it with you without constantly hiring a companion.

last wedding that had been to there were coronavirus restrictions preventing that and wont get to next one as its interstate and cant afford to travel.

how can you find a girl to experience intimacy and go on dates with, could you ask a friend or someone you know or a friend of a friend or a friend of someone you know and how would you ask them, dont want to sound desperate but it probably sounds like that to you.

for the going out bit could you ask your sister thats close to your age.

what are the best options to make those things happen

if anyone has some answers thatd be much appreciated


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To me, it sounds like you are not looking for a girlfriend but you are looking for a free companion and I don't think they work for free.

Being in a relationship with a real girlfriend means, caring for her, spending a lot of time with her, accepting her weaknesses, making her comfortable, working on yourself, fulfilling her wishes too ... and even then kissing and dancing is not guaranteed.
So it's a lot of work.

I think, making someone fall in love with you longterm is one of the biggest challenges in life.

If you still want to find a girlfriend, you can start with finding out, what you like to do for fun (like a hobby). Then you engage in that activity with other people. This way you have a common hobby with other people, which is fun for all of you. And having fun together is an important base for a relationship.
Then you have to be lucky and find a woman who you like and who likes you too.
And then you have to become the perfect boyfriend for her and convince her to spend the rest of her life with you.
And when you finally made it to a relationship, you will have to go through doubts, fights, bad times and more, but in return you get the most valuable thing, money can't buy: True love.

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