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Inner Peace & Me: Embody Mindful Presence


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The signs of Need? Are you feeling them?

I first understood what they were when my heart started beating a thousand beats per minute and panic wretched my body as I grabbed my heart. A stroke? Damn straight, who was I to think that I could be a single mom and take on raising a six-year-old-girl, pay bills, and carry all the demands of life without suffering. 


Does this sound familiar to you? Phrase: "No one can get inner peace by jumping on it." author unknown, yet, I can totally relate to this phrase.


I read and hear people complain about how they are feeling physically and mentally. I'm depressed. I'm unhappy. I'm this or that.


But, what I want to hear is what kind of work they are putting into the mind, body, and soul to feel balanced and full of harmony?


I call this mental noise with no effort. That stroke I suffered, reality check!


A light switch turned on; saying that I cannot leave my daughter alone in this world to fend for herself. What about you?



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