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Thank you for sharing this!
When I first heard¬†about HSP I realised one of my sisters fits that description perfectly, and it made so much sense to me. I shared it with her and she felt it made so much sense. She's very sensitive to any physical pain, struggles to watch certain movies and TV series because she feels everything that happens there in a way kind of as if it happened to her or someone close to her. If something does happen to a person close to her, she gets very affected by it and has a hard time getting over it. She works as a teacher in a primary school and although she from time to time get very overwhelmed from the stress, she is extremely appreciated there and I think that's partly to do with her being an HSP ūüėä

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It is both a blessing and a curse. As empaths we are very attuned to the world and people around us, which makes us good friends, good listeners and sensitive to others needs/problems. On the other hand, we can get too involved by taking on the emotions and negative vibes from those same people. It can be physically and emotionally draining so self care and setting boundaries are very important. Carrying stones for protection against negative energy is very important. Amethyst, hematite and selenite are great options. Lots of rest, meditation, grounding and creating a ‚Äúbubble‚ÄĚ of protective positivity around you¬†will help to repel the negative energy from¬†attaching¬†itself to you. Being an empath/HSP is a gift but you have to practice self preservation so that you don‚Äôt deplete your own needs and emotional well being. ‚̧ԳŹ

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I'm an artist and also an empath. I also am kind of asperger-ish so even though I'm extremely sensitive to emotions, I also have a kind of disability sometimes with interpreting people's emotions when they don't jive with my intuition. I'm better at interpreting non verbals than words. Sometimes the words that people say throw me for a loop because they don't match the person's non verbals. That can really mess with my head at times. You want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but people often don't say what they really feel, I am thinking. At any rate, I have a tendency to overanalyze and with that comes a somewhat dysfunctional tendency to jump to conclusions without asking people how they feel. It is not particularly constructive or sane sometimes. I think that because my perceptions differ so much from other people's I just feel like people are gaslighting me all the time. And frankly, sometimes I just have to be by myself or I don't feel well. People's true feelings will always come out in time, and if someone's manner of not being true to their non verbals gets to me, it is just better to withdraw from them. The need for alone time also comes with being an introvert. I have to have an adequate amount of time by myself to process things. I think introvert level is on a continuum though because I am by far not the most introverted introvert. I am kind of in the middle. I can actually be very social when I want to be. I just have to have an adequate amount of down time afterwards.

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Yep me too and I am a musician and this helps greatly. I need a lot of me time as I absorb other people's negativity or try to help out too much. I also write about peace and love in my  music as an escape or opportunity for greater understanding. If interested you can check it all out at https://linktr.ee/markhamiltonmccaffer.  There is a really interesting website in relation to personalities where you can take a wee test at https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test. It's really an eye opener. Stay well everybody, Mark x


I am an empath AND an infj.  Before learning about this I thought I was crazy, and so did my family and people around me. I was diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety, depression, etc.  it was like stepping in the sun after being in the cold darkness of an endless night.  I finally experienced freedom.  Today I can say with confidence that there is nothing wrong with me.  I am an empath and I have to maneuver throughout my life a bit different than others, but it’s not a disorder- it’s just me.  I have realized that there will always be a small lingering sadness that trickles through me even during happy times.  There’s no pill for it.  It’s just there and I appreciate my gift of sensitivity and how I can use it to help others and show them the beauty in this cruel world. So I take the negative emotions that I feel and learn to co-exist with them- while doing my best to keep them from devouring me.  I look forward to hearing more from other empaths and their experiences.

thank you


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