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aik insan ki zindagi kuch aisy kam.krny se khushgawar reh sakti hai wo.me ap ko btany laga hun 

1. ye pehla step hai k ap apny har kam ko dil lagi or pori mehna se kry 

2. ye k ap kisi ko dili takleef na dy yani k us ka dil na dukhaye

3. ye k ap kisi par gusa na kry agr ap par koi krta bhi hai to ap us k gusy ko bardasht kry 

4. ap kisi ko maary na q k maarna jo hai wo buzdil bndy ka kam hta hai apny ap ko takat war banaye

5. or akhri ye hai k ap sb ki izat or ehtaram kry chaye koi ap se bara ya chota hai 

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Welcome Abbas Arshad and thanks for your contribution. ?

Could you please post it in english. So far we only support English and German on the site and while Google translate suspects your post to be in Hindi it doesn't know what it means.

We hope to add more languages as the projects grows.

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