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Questions about God.


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Life is extremely hard to understand... were did we  come from, what started, the big bag, why would God make us and put a forbidden tree in our mist...how can God be good if he allows bad things to happen...how can God be good if were predestined....  

I have to tell you the list Goes on... I was raised to follow God....I have known he's real for a long time... honestly I think everyone deep down knows he exist...

Though there are alot of question welling up in not only those who choose to deny his existence because they can't understand how he is Loving with all this terrible stuff going on around us... and who can bear believing in a God that is not Love.... 

Well i have, and i can honestly that God i am here now because I've attempted suicide a few times... but you know why i stopped because deep down i knew God cared or because God gave me the desire to not hurt others by ending my life.

Why i was so hopeless is because i thought that God would not forgive me of my sins after being baptised... 

Also because of predestination and God knowing everything.

Well i dont have all the answers it truly is a matter of faith trusting in something you can't see and possibly dont understand and praying.... 

I have been learning that God who created us in his image and breath his breath of life in us... is alot more like us. I've also learned the hard way that the devil can take Gods word and twist it around to confuse you and take away nearly all if not all your confidence and faith. Reading the bible can be dangerous if you dont take in the full message front to back meaning  other areas you've read... and if you dont pray about what your reading... now there is a reason we are not to lean on our own understanding... my husband suggested to me if i dont understand something the word says and it is bothering me to pray, take whats good, and give it time. Also think on things of good report Philippians 4:8.  God helped me to memorize that i asked him to I've never been good at rendering scripture.

Some things I've learned and believe about God...

1. God has felt sorry for making us and has grieved his feeling that way. Genise 6:6 If you have ever felt sorry for bringing a kid into this world, and also felt bad for thinking of them not existing... you can relate. God is our Father...

2. God made us for company.... just like we get lonely he does... he wants a relationship with you.

3. Also God gave us free will... so we could willing have a relationship with him..

Think its no fun forcing someone to be with you... you want them to want to be with you. 

It says if you keep my commandments you love me... 

When we are falling in Love we often do things to please the other person.

When you where a kid did you ever do something your mom or dad asked you to before because you knew it would make them happy.

4. God gets jealous like us... read Exodus 20... i am a Jealous God.

5... this one i am still unraveling with Gods help I've read of about God repenting for thinking to deal wrongly with mankind.

6. God is slow to anger so God can feel angery too.. but he is mercifully

So be merciful in how you view God he has far more control over his emotions then you can imagine.. i am glad he truly understands what we go through and ive also read somewhere he would have no one perish... also he has given us a spirt not of fear but of power and a sound mind. God truly is Love choosing to do what is right.

When reading Hebrews i was derail from hope  and failed to finish God say i will never leave you or forsake you... 

I found Hebrews warns about faith... never get so down that you fail to trust that God will forgive you your sin and then get yourself trapped believing well it  does not matter i allready going hell then continue in sin and dark believing that God hates you nothing can separate us from Gods Love. He hates sin not the sinner.

So what question do you have about God?

Pray about ask and you'll receive seek and you will find in Gods time.

And dont give up on living because your lost in the question God made you and the plans he has for you are God. Your purpose in life is to be Love and Love 


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answer is there in the text but a key will remain missing if you explore it as a christian/muslim/hindu/judaism or so on. Liberation is the foremost essential component in order to understand what you call as the complexity of this existence. You ll realize mystery was less complex than you.

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hi .. God is not to be known but to be felt. His existence is always there and is felt in  the form of connection. Connection with God is very simple . Once you surrender you build trust in him and then you feel connected. Once you feel connected then no fear and no disbelief but only love is left within you and around you. 

Life is precious and the best gift by God so love it..live it..and value it. 

Death is equally beautiful but let it come naturally when its destined. Suicide is not the right path to feel Death.

stay bessed


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Ok I understand what you are trying to do but I have to explain this to you. Before you can teach about something that knows you and everyone else around inside and out, you have to know that it has NO label other than something that is as vast as the universe. That's the only label worthy enough to use for it. . don't you see how vast the universe is? It's all around the earth and it's all the time. It sees everything around us and what we individually do. So don't be a religious nut but just be yourself and don't try to be anything else bc then you are trying not doing. I am a 30 yr old 8th grade drop out and 22yr old addict but I never claimed any label other than what I am comfortable as being. It found me and through the minds of others that I ran across from the beginning of my walk has let itself be known to me. All we are are just it's energy recollecting from the big bang it exploded from. This is my facts maybe a theory for you but I don't think others could see it the way I do until they accept the fact of the contradictions they will face. It turns out in my mind that what contradictions I found are just the other end for it to have a balance.

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Wait a minute here I'm sharing not teaching, Shaggy, and I'm willing to help others in searching for answers that they need... its ok if your not interested in this its here for those who are and I dont need called names over it I consider myself a child of God I'm not trying to be anything other then who I am thank you for your input i dropped out of school too... for me the big bang is not enough something had to trigger it and for me words spoken form a spiritual being makes sense because sound = energy scientifically... Crystalclear im no longer suicidal thanks to God he is ment to be felt i Trust him fully now and thought i did before i lost my 4yr old brother when i was 10 or 11 then moved started in public school the first day saw my Dad had been hit by a truck while i was riding to school on the bus fearing to lose him also sister raped by some one from our church Hard to trust when one does not know who they are trusting in... thank God now I know and a relationship with him is vital for me... Yes Mohit1989 we are all complex and its Good to take a step back and look at life form a outside view it helps to clear the slate or at least be open to other views...For me i will always be Gods child... its just mind blowing that God is simply more like us then we think.... God is Love.... its all about choosing to Love putting on charity.

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