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Mindfulness Book Idea - Feedback welcome and appreciated!!!


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Big Dream Alert!!!! This is my first attempt at starting a book. Does this feel like a book you might read? If so, what else would you want to be included?
Here goes. . .

Don’t Be an A*Hole, How to Stop Doing and Saying Things You Regret.

I was an A*HOLE. Truth be told, I still am an A*HOLE from time to time. Progress, not perfection. Why am I telling you this? Well, you may be one too. Before you get offended, let me clarify, an A*HOLE is a person who Always Has Overreactions to Life’s Events.

Maybe you are shaking your head and saying to yourself, “not me.” Before you stop reading this, ask yourself, “do I often say or do things I wish I could immediately take back?” If not, then please go out into the world and share your secrets. Seriously, stop reading and get out there. The world needs you now!

For the rest of us, come with me on this journey of curiosity, learning, practicing, and ultimately transforming your relationships, health, and life. I will share my story, struggles, and practices that have changed my relationships and granted me peace.

We will explore together -
How being an A*HOLE is harming your relationships and your health.
Why self-regulation can be a challenge, and why shaming yourself isn’t working.
The simple yet effective steps you can take to retrain your brain to respond differently to life events.

Being an A*HOLE is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to change. Do you want to improve your relationships? Do you want to lower your stress levels? I did, and I have. I will show you how. You are one book away from transforming your life. Come with me, friend.

I would love to hear from you! 


***  I purposefully did not put Mindfulness in the title or description, because I am trying to turn people onto mindfulness that currently do not have a practice or true understanding of what it is.  


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