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Barcelona Yoga Conference - Review

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I wanted to start my answer with "I am not much into yoga" then I remembered that I attend a weekly yoga class 🙂 So I might have to reassess that.

The two days I spend at the Barcelona Yoga conference were in the free area. So I can't comment on the quality of the paid part. Having a free area that not only has food trucks and shops but also a small stage that offered music was a nice touch, which I thought reflected the values of a conscious community well. There were also free Yoga classes offered for those who can't afford a ticket.

My favourite time was when the music played at the free stage - some Bhajans to sing along and be joyful.

I had some inspiring, deep conversations which also highlighted to me that conscious gatherings and shangas create an atmosphere of openness, safety and support that is hard to find elsewhere but which the world needs. So it was a much-appreciated opportunity to recharge my batteries there.


But I totally can start with "I am not much into yoga" ;) Let´s say still not. I know it´s a good thing but just never have started to do this seriously.
I do really like the surroundings of an event like this. The relaxed people, the good atmosphere, healthy food and healthy people everywhere. I joined just on Sunday, but I had a good time, talking to interesting and interested people when there has been some more movement.
It was nice to attend an event of this kind to me



I couldn't attend this time, and i think I missed something ;). I go to yoga once a week but still don't feel like a "yoga person". The yoga in class I do is very breathbased/ slow yoga and I think many Yoga classes are quite different from this technique. I would love to get to know different kind of techniques, just out of curiosity and such a Yoga conference would have been a great opportunity. I will mark the date for next year and hope to see happiness.com with a stand there as well!

A question about the conference: I have many friends who themselves are yoga teachers, they might be happy to connect here with people who already have attended the event to get in touch for more information. For example would you recommened the conference for teachers as well as or is the target group more for students?


I am very much in the same opinion as Bjorn. I have done my share of yoga but wouldn't say I am an expert on the subject, however  I have to say I had a moment in one of the concerts that really struck me as I saw everyone just letting go and enjoying the music that was being played. For me that the conference could have a space that facilitated this sort of communal feeling is really fantastic.

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