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- Sound of Silence -

Anima Quartz is a duo of musical therapists who offer concerts and courses with quartz bowls. The unusual instruments, also used as therapeutic instruments, provide great sensations of profound meditation experiences and new connections with the inner self.

While watching their Videos, the vibrations seem to stir the whole body to motion; the overtone series is seemingly infinite. The founders of Anima Quarz, Yavier Bellón and Sandra Orús (both music therapists, amongst other professions), are on a mission to spread beautiful vibrations with their quartz and mineral bowls, and offer its positive effects to people all over Europe for 20 years.

About their approach, they say: "Some time ago the vibrations of the bowls appeared and transformed our lives into harmony and beauty. Our motivation is to share it with you". With Anima Quarz, they could verify the transforming power of these instruments in themselves and people who resonate with the sound of the bowls.

Anima Quarz offers concerts, workshops or courses mostly in and around Barcelona. The concerts are meditative, allowing participants to enter deep states of relaxation and silence. They are often accompanied by voice and vibrational instruments to help balance the energy and bring a state of calm and well-being.

Anima Quarz also offers special Shirai concerts which is a beautiful experience of recollection and celebration. Deep, beautiful music is played on crystal quartz and mineral bowls to form a new musical concept. For its listeners, Anima Quarz's music offers a unique trip within, evoking a sensation of relaxation, well-being, and connection with one's essence.

If you live in Barcelona, Anima Quarz offers regular quartz crystal singing bowl workshops, each one a mixture of practice and meditations. Participants can try a variety of bowls, connect with its sound and learn how to use them for themselves as well, or as therapeutic tools for others.

Anima Quarz offers experiences which lead to silence and stillness. They open the door to resonate with deeper parts inside ourselves and help to maintain a presence in day to day life.

Anima Quarz is located at Av. República Argentina 5-7 in Barcelona; a few minutes walk from Metro station Lesseps.


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