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Integrative Body Therapy

Espai TCI offers therapeutic treatment trainings based on the Integrative Body Therapy (la Formación en Terapia Corporal Integrativa, or TCI in Spanish). It's a modality of integrative therapy that understands the person as a process in constant transformation, of the psyche and the body. TCI therapy aims to enhance body listening and facilitate organic self-regulation processes that favour energy balance and revitalises people, resolving deep tensions rooted since childhood.

Currently, Espai TCI offers the following modalities:

  • Individual, couple and family therapy
  • Strategic brief therapy
  • Body and sex therapy

    Integrative Body Therapy training is a system of self-knowledge and transformation that integrates different aspects of the human being: mental, bodily, energetic, emotional. The approach is from the body since all unresolved experiences are stored as muscular tensions in various parts of the body. These tensions that are created from when we're children eventually become chronic and affects our character, our way of moving and being in the world, and contact with others. Espai TCI focuses on bodywork that cultivates attention to the body and breathing, focusing on relaxing the areas of blockage.

    Espai TCi's goal is to UNBLOCK and establish contact with the body, and therefore the real needs, which allows one:

  • The ability to live more in the present,
  • Less internal conflict,
  • Better relationships with others from a closer, more personal space.

    This therapy is addressed to people interested in their own process of transformation and self-knowledge, therapists who'd like to complement their work and specialise in areas of the physical body, health and education, and human relations professionals.

    In addition to TCI training and therapeutic group workshops, Espai TCI develops many other activities in Barcelona, including the Hartman values test, osteopathy and physiotherapy. One can also find Ovarian breathing sessions, body unlocking sessions and other regular workshops related to body and energy transformation techniques.

    The Espai TCI training structure is completed in a cycle of three courses throughout 12 months, at the end of which each participant is given a diploma issued by Espai TCI.

    Espai TCI is situated on C/Pau Alsina, Barcelona. For further information, please call 93 119 09 88 or email [email protected].


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