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Physical, mental and spiritual health

Ganga Sutaya is a holistic healing centre in Barcelona offering reiki, Vedic astrology, reiki courses, and other holistic therapies. The teachers are Ganga Sutaya work to outline situations and facilitate the search for answers that aren't yet clearly defined in individuals.

Ganga Sutaya's goal is to act to achieve profound changes in a person, keeping their patients healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is a Sanscrit word. ""Rei"", universal energy, and ""Ki"", vital energy. It's a technique of channelling and transmitting vital energy through the laying on of hands, used to obtain peace and balance on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki acts in-depth, going to the root of the physical or emotional issue, and allows the emotion or behavioural pattern that created the imbalance to manifest and be healed. Reiki aids in personal growth and the expansion of consciousness. Reiki sessions at Ganga Sutaya are held by Reiki Masters Elsa Patitucci and Carlos Deluca. Each session is an hour and costs €65 per session.

Vedic or Hindu astrology has been in continuous India for over 8000 years. The system points out the strengths and weaknesses that a person will experience in this life and also recommends remedial measures to improve the future. An astrologer is available at Ganga Sutaya to read the information on what interests an individual.

Regressive therapy consists of helping people achieve an altered state of consciousness by accessing ancestral memories and reliving situations of the past. The most common techniques used by the Ganga Sutaya team are deep relaxation and conscious clinical hypnosis. Each session lasts 2 hours, and a minimum of 13 sessions are required for effective treatment.

Ganga Sutaya also offers Raku Kei massage, Thai massage and metamorphic massage where the spinal reflex points on the feet, head and hands are massaged or caressed with light touches.

Finally, Ganga Sutaya offers Reiki formations courses for all levels: beginners, advanced and specialised. The classes are designed to teach students a self-practice in Reiki, with a real understanding of the process. It is said to help individuals grow inward and heal physical, emotional or mental illnesses. Anyone who has completed a Reiki course in Ganga Sutaya can do it again, free of charge with their Master, once.

For further information, please contact Ganga Sutaya directly.


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