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Your wellness centre in Barcelona

El Camino de Tanit offers the best natural therapies and group activities to achieve full well-being. It is a place to grow, heal, share and laugh. The Centre was created with a caring environment, to make one feel at east and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

El Camino de Tanit's goal is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and a happy life. They do this by offering personalised natural therapies in the form of take-home exercises so the work can continue beyond the consultation, and individuals can become active participants in their own wellness process.

El Camino de Tanit empowers each client with a broad range of tools and provides a variety of group activities to achieve well-being. All treatments are integrated and adjusted to the individual's needs, status and evolution and bring about a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The team of multidisciplinary professionals at El Camino de Tanit understand that each person is unique. They intend to help people grow, strengthen and irrigate their internal gardens.

El Camino do Tanit offers a wide range of natural therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and the benefits of emotional management, group activities such as Qi Gong, bioenergetic classes, or laughter therapy sessions, sonotherapy with live music, talks, and much more.

Integrative therapeutic service is a global treatment to offer natural therapies best suited to the individual's current life situation. The work is done at different levels: The physical aspect aims to correct and treat tension generated by bad postures or habits. The emotional element is tackled at an energy level, depending on individual need. Finally, the mental aspect help to manage emotions and repeated patterns and change them into more positive ideas. At El Camino de Tanit, this service is divided into several phases and helps to manage daily life, become more aware of the body, and empower yourself to take an active and participatory role in your journey.

El Camino de Tanit also offers Reiki, emotional management, acupuncture, foot reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda massage, Feng shui, and nutrition advice.

Regular classes in small groups are also available, especially for Qi Gong and Yoga Nidra with Tibetan bowls. The classes are dynamic and cheerful, as well as calm. Above all, El Camino de Tanit's objective is to provide quality over quantity.

For those interested, El Camino de Tanit offers the possibility of a test class, to get to know the team and discover their work. Please request this at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the Centre directly.


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