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Kadampa Meditation Centre Barcelona

The Kadampa Meditation Centre in Barcelona is a non-profit association created to bring inner peace to the busy and sometimes frantic life the modern world tends to lead. Methods are taught to enjoy lasting happiness that arises from within, and that's available for everyone to practice.

At the Kadampa Meditation Centre, one can find an oasis of peace in the city and attend activities that best suit your times and interests. There are also books to read from the library area, items to purchase from the specialised store, or simply take a moment to relax and renew your energy.

Kadampa Meditation Centre teaches the meditation practices and timeless wisdom of the Buddha that was transmitted through an authentic and unbroken lineage of teachers in a way that is accessible to all and can be easily integrated into modern life. All the activities at the Kadampa Meditation Centre are designed for students to find practical methods to solve daily problems more constructively, learn to transform their minds, develop their human potential, and find lasting peace and happiness.

There are classes for all levels at Kadampa Meditation Centre, and no previous experience is required. The regular classes of Initiation to Meditation are ideal for those curious about meditation and want to start meditating, but also for those who've already experienced meditation and wish to deepen their practice.

The Kadampa Meditation Centre also offers regular retreats throughout the year for people to begin or gain experience in their meditation practice. On offer are urban spiritual retreats for beginners wanting to learn to meditate to advanced guided Buddhist retreats.

The Kadampa Meditation Centre offers daily meditation classes based on various topics, and the schedule is as follows:
Guided meditations and explanations:
Live different, with peace - 1-hour class at 18:30, €6.
Meditations to reduce stress - 1-hour class at 20:00, €6.

Guided meditations and explanations:
Make the most of every moment - 1-hour class at 18:30, €6.

Guided meditations, sung prayers and explanations:
Prayers for world peace - 75-minute class at 11:30, free activity
Live the meditation - 30-minute class at 14:00 and 19:00, €4.
Heal the wounds of the past - 90-minute class at 20:00, €7,50.

Guided meditations and explanations:
The Key to happiness - 1-hour class at 11:30, €6.
Meditations to reduce anger - 1-hour class at 18:30, €6.

Guided meditations:
Meditations that relax - 45-minute class at 19:00, €5.
Meditation classes in English -1-hour class at 20:00, €6.

The Kadampa Meditation Centre also offers weekend meditation classes and meditation introductions for families and children. For further info, please visit their website or contact them on 938 358 077.


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