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Dojo Zen Barcelona Kannon

The Dojo Zen Barcelona Kannon is a Buddhist Zen meditation centre devoted exclusively to the practice of Zen, based on a regular practice of sitting meditation, or zazen.

The practice at Dojo Zen Kannon is open to everyone, regardless of race, age, religious beliefs, ideologies, or gender, and is LGBTQI inclusive.

Zen meditation consists of sitting with your legs crossed, straight back, concentrated on the posture of the body, the breathing and letting your thoughts pass. Zen meditation is a way of functioning that doesn't generate suffering, thus taps into our freedom. Zen meditation is for everyone. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, lack of attention, if your emotions or obsessions dominate you, visit Dojo Zen Kannon for free meditation.

Dojo Zen Kannon offers free introductions to Zen Kannon meditation with Zen Master Zenith Nansen, who provides basic notions of Zen, and instructs practitioners on zazen, the practice of meditation. The introduction ends with a full Zen meditation session. Every week in August, on Fridays and Saturdays at 19:00, visit Dojo Zen Kannon for this 2-hour intro. Practitioners are advised to wear dark, comfortable clothing and be able to sit with their legs crossed. Please email [email protected] to book your spot.

Dojo Zen Kannon also offers the following courses:
A 10-hour Zen Meditation course; a programme of four workshops aimed at all meditation practitioners, from beginners to the most advanced.
The Zen Mindfulness Course teaches us how to apply full attention to everyday life to be more aware of what's happening in the mind, and what our emotions, thoughts and feelings are.
The Zen Dharma Course addresses the fundamental questions of Zen, which are the same fundamental questions of existence, i.e. life and death or suffering and happiness.
The Zen Days consists of a day of practice at Dojo Zen Kannon, where meditation and activities are practised silently and with full attention.

Dojo Zen Kannon is a non-profit association, formed to meditate together and offer Barcelona and the world the possibility of knowing and practising the ancestral way of liberating the mind. Please visit their website for further information


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