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Estudio Yoga Nil Barcelona

Estudio Yoga Nil Barcelona is a Yoga School in Barcelona's Eixample neighbourhood. The address is Carrer del Rosselló 215, which is close to metro station Diagonal (5 minutes walk) or Train station Provença. Several busses bring you to the Yoga Studio as well. From Plaza Catalunya, it's a 15-20 walk to get there.

The school was founded in 1981, and its name Estudio Yoga Nil comes from the name Nil Haoutoff, inspiration and teacher to the school's founder, Ramón Cases, who is practising and teaching yoga the way he learned it from Nils. Ramón worked as a physiotherapist assistant for 15 years and has excellent knowledge about the human body. He often practised yoga, until he was advised to teach it by another teacher, and that's how his practice began.

The work is based on a constant evolution of body, mind, and spirit. A big focus is the correction of the body to achieve a state of peace and harmony. The corrective system practised in the school is based mainly on the rectification of the spine, being able to acquire a light and flexible body that aids in achieving that superior state of being.

There are classes every week from Monday to Friday, and you can join sessions of Special Yoga, Pranayama and Hatha Yoga. Estudio Yoga Nil offers a free trial to those interested in the school, the teachers, and the teaching style.

Asanas – Pranayama – Meditation – Relaxation
The school also offers seminars outside of Barcelona, during 3-4 days directed by Ramón Cases and organized by Estudio Yoga Nil Barcelona. These weekends are to disconnect, reconnect, walk, enjoy, share, enjoy the silence, discover...

Please feel free to contact the team of Estudio Yoganil Barcelona to make an appointment for a trial in one of their classes or if you are interested in other aspects.


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