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Yoga Studio Barcelona

Yoga Studio Barcelona is one of the most well-established places to do yoga in the city of Barcelona. Its mission is to offer and increase mental, physical and emotional health.

The practise at Yoga Studio Barcelona includes different styles of yoga; Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and pre and post-natal yoga classes. Each offers different intensities and levels adapted to both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Yoga Studio Barcelona offers a space with large rooms for individual practice and personal improvement. For the method to be fruitful, Yoga Studio Barcelona recommends that you rely on proper exercise, adequate breathing, adequate diet, relaxation, and meditation and positive thinking. Only by practising them all, will one achieve consistent and lasting effects.

Apart from more than 40 yoga classes per week, Yoga Studio Barcelona also offers regular activities and workshops on hip opening exercises, sound meditation, therapies and massages, traditions of yoga, and yoga retreats in nature.

The best way to learn yoga at the Yoga Studio Barcelona is to take one of its introductory courses, individualised to each student. In this course, one can learn the basis on which to build a more happy and balanced life by practising the principles and techniques of relaxation, breathing, postures, diet, and how these practices are related to our desire for ""Happiness"". Each course lasts approximately one month and the sessions between 60 and 75 minutes.

Yoga Studio Barcelona also offers yoga teacher training courses for those wanting to delve deeper into their practice. The course is short and intense, evolving over one year and consists of 2 different parts.

For those looking to discover a daily spiritual practise with a guide, Yoga Studio Barcelona offers early morning Sadhana practices from Tuesday to Friday.

Yoga Studio Barcelona is located at Plaza Universitat, 4 1-2.
For further info, please contact them on 93 451 29 28 or visit their website