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Helps you find your groundings: The Grounded Yoga Studio Barcelona

This studio helps you to get and stay grounded. The founder herself once struggled to find her grounding while living a hectic, unhealthy lifestyle in London. By making a life-changing move to Spain to become a yoga teacher, she finally discovered her groundings.

Her personal grounding tool is yoga. This is what she wants to share with others and create change in their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Her Barcelona studio sees yoga as an aid in feeling happier, grounded and generally more fulfilled.

The Grounded Yoga Studio Barcelona offers group and individual classes. One benefit of practising yoga in a group is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people while being inspired and encouraged by others. In the Grounded Yoga group classes, you have the chance to practice yoga in a safe, positive atmosphere. The class is accompanied by music and aromatherapy creams and ends with a short massage and relaxation period to stimulate the muscles, the relaxation process, and the whole energetic body system.

Catherine, founder of Grounded Yoga Studio Barcelona also offers yoga classes at work. With an adaptable time of 45, 60 or 75 minutes, these work classes have proved to be one of the most effective ways in helping employees reduce stress, become refreshed and more focused. As with the private classes, Catherine offers to come to your workplace and fit the hour into your work schedule.

At the Grounded Yoga Studio, they realise that balancing work and personal life can be quite challenging at times. Individual classes also have the option to practice yoga at home, which means investing time in yourself and prioritising your own wellbeing and positive spirit by boosting energy and alertness. Yoga at home has the advantage of meeting your specific goals and creating tools and experiences during the class, which can be adapted into your daily life.

The costs of the Grounded Yoga Studio Barcelona range from 10€ for group classes to 30€ for yoga at home. As a special treat, Catherine offers to disconnect from stress and daily life with a yoga retreat in Barcelona. Benefit from a personalised yoga retreat while on vacation.


Thursday 10.30 – 11.30 La Shanti Vida, Rambla Catalunya 1 apt 3 -2 08007 Barcelona
Sunday 11.30 – 13.00 Yoga con Gracia, Carrer de Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55, 08024 Barcelona


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