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Do You Want To Become A Better Version Of Yourself?


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Hey you all! On my journey in life, I always wonder why most people don't make a bigger effort on improving themselves. I am not gonna sit here on my high horse and think I always known how to. But true my journey working on my mindset, health, and fitness I discovered the true joy of being able to accomplish what set your mind to.


Planning your life, find motivation (SPOILER ALERT!, it doesn't come knocking on your door), have discipline, stay focused, never give up. Then you will find the enormous joy of doing the right thing for yourself. Managing your dreams and goals. So every day you get a little better.


So why don't more people jump on this route?  What do you all think?

(i have my suspicions!)

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I think a lot of people might feel like they're not ready to do all the work it takes for self development. It can perhaps appear a bit daunting? Or like it's going to be too much effort. We have lots of interesting articles in the Magazine, and some courses in the Academy that might be interesting on this topic!  

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The comfort zone is a rough thing to get out of, but so worth it!

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