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My child, let your life come into the world of darkness
like a spark of light, without flicker and pure,
and thank them in silence. You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,

their words are disguised knives thirsting for blood.

But do not be afraid, my child, go and stand in their hearts,

and let your gentle eyes fall on them like the forgiving serenity of the night.
My child, let them see your face and so they know it
meaning of all things, let them love and love one another.
Go, at sunrise, open and lift up your heart like a blooming flower, and at sunset,

bend your head and silently complete the worship of the day.
Remember, my child, gods and demons, ghosts and elves are fragments of one,

built by the hand of the abyss.
So, move on, go to the shore of the vast darkness,
there, is the Great Meeting of Children,
there, the sea gives a smile to the beach,
there, sing the waves facing death.

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