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Yeah you are right life coaching have many benefits and as well as its a best way to improve your mental health. And a life coaching is to improve people lives. I know very well its benefits when I was suffering from depression and lose my mental stability than someone tell me for life coaching then I joined coaching training and now I lived my life happily. 

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Definitely agree with all the points here with life coaching! It still has a certain stigma to it (i.e., it's only accessible to the wealthy) but I highly doubt that's the case! 


In my experience, life coaching can also happen with colleagues and managers at your workplace! Whenever our performance is being tracked and quantified–we're able to tangibly see which areas of our work we can improve on!


This also extends to everything else in your life. When you think about it, every single person in your life is trying to teach you something–which, in a philosophical sense, makes everyone your life coach ;)

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