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Hey @HappyJon, totally agree with you! The news and social media discussion has become so depressing, political and hateful of late. I try to limit my news and social media consumption now as i found it was agitating me. I hope you will find some stimulating and happier discussions here to get involved in! 

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@HappyJon I deleted my Facebook and switched Social Media because of my disappointment in the political arena. And it seems like not enough is being accomplished as soon as it is needed. I was just sick with the nature of spin doctors, paid trolls, negative influencers whose intention is to put people in conflict and bring about nationalistic change and autocracy. My state of mind has been devastated. And though I think the truth in news reporting is important, I was feeling that social media in general has been doing a disservice to humanity. It makes me feel ill in spirit and I want to be part of a constructive and positive influence and not one of those folks that compulsively shares sensationalism, drama and negativity just because it ties into a victim mentality and I have allowed the media to manipulate me. I am looking for a way to contribute to peace and positivity and charity not division and strife and evil.

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