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Loneliness on anniversaries

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Hi, I'm new here and am reaching out to share my love and support and hopefully to receive some much needed understanding and comfort back. 


My mum died, very suddenly, 4 years ago today. At the time, everyone rallied around, every one was understanding and wanted to help. To be honest, it was such a blur of disbelief and shock that the time just kind of passed by. 

So today, I am incredibly sad, I miss my mum so much, I want to be held and told I'm actually doing OK and that she's proud of me... But instead I'm very alone and lost. 


In general I think I'm a happy person, a people pleaser and will make sure everyone around me is OK and hears what they need to at the right time - I don't have a person in my life that thinks like that and is there for me....which I think makes me feel lonelier. I've read alot and know I should be the friend I need, to myself but that's hard


Does anyone feel like this at all? Looking forward to getting to know you out there, big love ❤️

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Hello Bobbie,


First of all, my condolences for your loss.

I can relate how lonely you must be feeling after y mom died. She must be a big part of your life. 

Being a people pleaser is hard because y dont can please everyone. Most of the time people are very ungrateful too. Often you don't even get a thank you. It is taken for granted.


I think y can be a good friend. But first of all you must learn to like yourself. Than you have more love for others. 


I wish y the best on your way ❤️


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