Taking 10 minutes to meditate in the morning can set you up for a calm, compassionate and productive day ahead. Meditation practitioner Ann Vrlak explains why and discusses some morning meditations you can try out. 


Imagine what you could accomplish if you started your day alert, content and creative. On the other hand, imagine going out the door feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded and unhappy. If you find yourself stressed and rushed even before you get out of bed, morning meditation may be the perfect medicine for you.

You can’t control what your day will bring, but you can ground your being and body in calm, clarity and compassion with morning meditation. And you don’t need an hour or even 30 minutes to do it. Setting aside as little as ten minutes, you can bring these qualities with you into your day.


The importance of morning meditation

In fact, many people specifically choose mornings for their meditation practice. Why? Because mornings are special.

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Firstly, you’re in a unique state when you first wake up. Your body, mind and soul are relaxed and receptive. Whatever you do first thing in the morning has a greater impact than at others time of day. Which do you think will lead you into a happier day? Listening to stressful world news and scrolling through your newsfeed or taking time to immerse yourself in self-care, quiet and acceptance?

Also, many of us seem to wake up immediately into our to-do lists and our worries. That’s stressful. A short morning meditation will create a space for you to recognize and rest in your 'being' rather than in 'doing.' You will connect with being aware, being present; with whatever is here now for you. 

“You can’t control what your day will bring, but you can ground your being and body in calm, clarity and compassion with morning meditation.”

Finally, on the practical side of things, mornings are often quieter. It can be a wonderful time to sit and rest in the silence inside you, free from distractions.


The benefits of morning meditation

A morning meditation routine will bring you all the usual benefits of meditation:

  • Increasing self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Strengthening empathy
  • Decreasing anxiety and depression
  • Rediscovering the spiritual dimension in your life
  • Boosting well-being and happiness
  • Improving concentration and attention 
  • Expanding creativity and problem-solving
  • Increasing equanimity and fair-mindedness

Quiet quality: peaceful mornings are great for meditation


Furthermore, a meditation routine in the morning will give you these added, special benefits:

  • Starting the day with compassion 
    People don’t meditate to become good meditators, they meditate to become more self-aware, compassionate and happy, and to share these gifts with the people they care about most. When you start your day with these qualities, you’ll automatically bring them into your conversations with friends and family, your responses to things not going your way, your tasks at work and how you 'talk' to yourself.
  • Starting the day calm and rejuvenated
    Meditation is like a massage for your nervous system. The calming and rejuvenating effects of meditation are now well proven. You can begin your day relaxed and content, focused and ready to meet whatever comes your way. Instead of your usual morning stresses, you can start your day with a positive, empowering experience.


Tips for morning meditation

Sounds good, right? If you’d like to give morning meditation a try, here are some tips to get started.


Where and when

With a bit of thought, you can easily find 10 minutes in your morning, wither by skipping your morning social media surfing habit or setting your alarm that little bit earlier. Depending on the type of meditation you choose, you can do your morning meditation routine almost anywhere:

  • In bed
  • Sitting in a quiet space in your home. 
  • On the train or bus on your morning commute

A sample 10 minute meditation YouTube/Goop

Types of meditation

There are many different types of meditation you can choose from to start with first thing to begin your day. There are practices that use your breath, concentration, body awareness, thought and emotions, as well as exploring your deepest sense of self.


In fact, any practice that appeals to you can become your morning meditation. Here are a few of the most popular morning meditations.


1) Mindfulness meditation

The core practice of meditation, mindfulness, can be a wonderful way to start your day. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, as fully as you can, with kindness and curiosity. With mindfulness, you start your day with an openness and acceptance about whatever you’re experiencing: worry, happiness, planning or physical discomfort. Everything becomes part of a practice of simply being with yourself, in an accepting and caring way.


2) Body scan/embodiment meditations

Body scan practices are a lovely way to rise up through sleep to wakefulness. You can, of course, do a body scan while you’re still in bed – you just need a bit of extra attention not to fall back to sleep!


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Body scan practices guide you through sensing each part of your body in a sequence, from your fingertips, to your stomach, to your toes. Your body is more open in the morning, so this practice can be a great way to let your awareness soak into all parts of your body to feel energized and deeply present, while your mind takes a break. Watch our body scan meditation script video below to get started or click through to read more about this powerful and popular technique. 


3) Breath meditations

Breathwork is a powerful choice for meditations in the morning. And there are a whole range of breath meditations, from those that create relaxation – such as conscious breathing – to those that increase mental focus and energy. So, you can choose one that best fits your needs in the morning:


Equalized breath: sample morning meditation

I’d like to show you how to do a simple breathing practice you can do at home or on your morning commute. The Equalized Breath will relax your nervous system and give you a stable 'home base' to come back to when your mind wanders. Don’t worry, everyone gets distracted. It’s not ‘wrong,’ it’s a key part of meditation practice.

  • Find a comfortable sitting position and, if you can, let your eyes gently close.
  • Take a minute to allow your body to really relax and take a few deep breaths.
  • For this practice, adjust your breath so all four parts are of equal length. You count to four during your in breath, hold your breath to a count of four, exhale for four, and hold your breath out to a count of four. Then hold for four again. 
  • It’s really important not to strain. If four seconds feels too long, reduce it to three. And, if you can comfortably do longer, try for six seconds. The important things are: not to strain and to keep all four parts equal in length.
  • And, when a thought, feeling or sensation distracts you, that’s OK. Just start again, breathing and counting, focusing on your breath. 
  • Do your best to be non-judgmental with yourself if your mind wanders off. Remember: mindfulness is watching ‘with kindness and curiosity.’ Kindness encourages you to open. Judgement closes you down.

Morning meditations sets you up for the day shutterstock/Ekaterina Iatcenko


Morning meditation may be the most powerful place for you to start exploring meditation. And, with ten (or more!) minutes of meditation during the AM, you will rest in a sense of being and presence, be kind and more accepting with yourself, and connect with silence and strength. Find a practice that appeals to you and try it for a week. Start your day with more calm, clarity and compassion and see how it makes you – and those around you – feel. ●

Main image: shutterstock/Pro-stock studio

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Written by Ann Vrlak

bert.jpgAnn Vrlak is Founder of OneSelf Meditation and a meditation practitioner for over 25 years. She’s a Certified Meditation Teacher for adults and for children (the best job ever!). She loves to share how the perspective and practice of meditation can support people with their everyday stresses and on their journey of self-discovery.



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I'm definitely guilty of 'kickstarting' my day with a good ole' scroll session on Instagram 🥲 but any day that I choose to start in a more mindful way, I really notice the difference! Morning meditation can really work wonders and starts your day in a much better way. I've struggled to make morning meditation a routine, but there were lots of good advice here that I'll try out.

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Morning meditation is indeed powerful. It sets the tone for the day ahead and really does leave me feeling calm, grounded and ready to tackle whatever is ahead of me that day. I also notice the difference on the days I choose to scroll on my phone instead of meditating. I like to do morning guided meditations on youtube or Insight Timer, and I also enjoyed the sampler in this article ☺️

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Morning is very important to make your whole day energetic.

Thanks for sharing.

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