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I used to have insighttimer. Here you can set up your meditation time. The app is free but there are also some paid courses and features. No I got hooked on Headspace. They have some guided meditation for free to start.


I used the free version of Headspace and liked it a lot. It's a gentle introduction to meditation for people (like me) who tend to have a problem sitting still and focusing :)

Me as well i tried headspace and i liked it! There is loads of good material to have a start to meditation (which costs me a lot). And it¬īs well done with those animations. So, especially for beginners (or start again every 6 month people) like me, headspace is helpful! And i tried Calm, which i like a little more. It does have the contents in different languages and has more specialized meditations, like ‚Äěbetter sleep‚Äú etc. It¬īs not free, but you could make the 7-Day Free Trial to see if this works for you. Finally, both are really good, from my beginner point of view, and if it helps to get into meditation, that‚Äôs all what is needed.

I love YouTube guided meditations! All types!


I have tried many different apps - headspace however I didn't try...

So far I am stuck with insight timer. They have some stuff by my favourite teachers but most importantly I can find something matching the topic of the day and it's free to use. I also enjoy the timer.

As Tara Brach is one of my favourite teachers I simply use her podcast where she publishes guided meditations as well as insightful talks regularly and for free.


I use UTube guided meditations.  Thanks for the info on Headspace and Insight timer.  I will try them.


I also like Insight TImer, there is a good range of guided meditations on there and also some music which I like to use along with mantras of my own or from other sources

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