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Founded 17 years ago, Dojo Zen Ryokan Barcelona is a non-profit association dedicated to the teaching and promoting the authentic practice of Zen meditation.

Dojo Zen Ryokan offers a quiet, peaceful space, or dojo, in which former monks, nuns, and beginners can practice together and share their experience.

Dojo Zen Ryokan practices zazen, Zen meditation, belonging to the Kosen Sangha, Soto Zen lineage of Master Mokudo Taisen Deshimaru.

Free introductions to Zen meditations are held every Saturday at 10 am at Dojo Zen Ryokan. It's a pleasant 50-minute talk in which the three pillars of zazen are explained and shown: body posture, Zen breathing, and the mental attitude. The posture refers to the relationship with our physical bodies. The breath is an essential secret of Zen, and finally, the attitude of the spirit, the reality of perception, awareness, thought and non-thought.

Practice hours at Dojo Zen Ryokan are as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 19:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:00
Saturdays at 11:00
Intensive days at 8:00, 11:00, 15:30, and 18:00

In addition to the weekly schedules, Dojo Zen Ryokan offers conferences, workshops, open days and full or half days of intensive practice, sesshin (intense meditation) and several-day retreats.

Dojo Zen Barcelona is open to everyone with a desire to practice zazen. To carry out its activities, the Dojo Zen Ryokan finances itself through the fees detailed below:
Zazen practice €6
6 zazen bonus for beginners (quarterly) €25
10 zazen bonus (4-month period) €48
Half-day practice (Saturdays, includes breakfast) €15
Sesshin, or weekends €50.

Becoming a member of Dojo Zen Ryokan Barcelona allows you to practice zazen at all the available times, and get discounts on intensive practice days and other events. Members also benefit from discounts on other regular activities that take place at Dojo Zen Barcelona. To become a member, please visit the centre and fill out a form. Dojo Zen Ryokan member prices are as follows:
Monthly fee €38
Quarterly fee €120
Annual fee €330

For further information, please contact Dojo Zen Ryokan on 717718517 or visit their website .

C/ Tordera 18, bajos 2ª (Gràcia).
08012, Barcelona.



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