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Explain happiness


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Hello (new here)! Here is my definition:


Happiness is finding the beauty in everything. All the people and nature, God. And whimpering to yourself from the sheer enormity of the beauty you can sense in everything. It means that you could know the love that God put into all the bits and pieces of some kind of thing. Or you could see the beauty of someone and it means that you have overcome that negative thinking you did about them. You mend the breakd you have in relationships only to find peace. It means you worked on becoming a well-adjusted person in the world. Happiness is seeing the world different than all the people who do not want to participate. You love life and you LIVE. You do not take like for shame. And you do not take life for granted because you have to live like there is no tomorrow. There is no guarantee that there is a tomorrow. You love life. God let's you in that He loves you, and it brings together all the pieces. It shatters the thought you were only mildly good enough for anyone. 


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