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I want to learn yoga

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Yoga is not only great for the body but also for the mind :) When I come out of a class I feel mentally calm for days. If you've never done it before you could always search a beginner's video on YouTube and start at home... or better still I'd say just jump straight into a class near you, beginner's of course. Hatha yoga is a good start as well as not super dynamic! ENJOY!

I think yoga can benefit you in so many ways. It's great to mentally calm down and just focus on breathing and being in the moment, but it is also a workout! I would suggest either checking out Yoga with Adrienne (or any other online yoga videos) or go to an actual class where you live.

Many gyms offer yoga classes too, so if you're already a member of a gym it could be worth checking out. A lot of yoga studios will offer the first class for free or at a reduced price :) 


I've always wanted to learn yoga. Thanks for the recommandations!


Example yoga


Its Easy


On 5/23/2019 at 3:56 PM, LilyVanily said:

I saw so many posts about yoga in the forum, but I don't how to do it. Can someone tell me how I start? Is it good for my body? What can I learn?

Am wondering how you're getting on LilyVanily?  Did you try any of the beginner's stuff on YouTube?  So much to choose from it can be a bit of a minefield.  

I have wanted to do yoga for years but struggled with it because I'm not very limber and a bit overweight.  Even the videos for bigger girls didn't work for me because those girls were wonderfully fit and I'm not.  Through endless searches I eventually found some simple stretches and seated yoga that I find absolutely brilliant and have been doing them for a couple of years now.  One day, I hope to progress to floor work.  Bought a mat and block and tried a while back but it was counter productive trying to run before I can walk.  😊

The simple stretches I do are great for relaxation before mediation helps me to settle quicker and meditation for longer.  


The person does not adjust to fit the yoga practice. The yoga practice is adjusted to fit the person. 

For those just starting out, I highly recommend seeking out a local instructor and invest in a handful of private sessions. The terminology is one of the biggest learning curves when just getting started in yoga. Plus, you want a teacher who can and WILL adjust the practice and the poses to you and your body as well as assist you in learning and connecting with your body. You can't get that from anything online. 


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