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What does happiness mean to you?

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To me happiness is feeling comfortable in my own skin and my place in the world.


For me, happiness is a feeling that is always within me and that accompanies me constantly. Sometimes I hardly feel it or I am blind to it and sometimes it explodes out of me and flows through me from the tips of my hair to my toes. And often without a reason and sometimes because of very small things like a ladybug 🐞 that lands on my nose.

For me, the secret of happiness is to find it inside and let it out. You usually don't find happiness on the street, but in yourself!


Happiness to me is fleeting moment that is a combination of my state of being and the environment around me. happiness is like the weather, it changes and comes and goees. The real inner sense of Joy I have is what I bring to the world around me and that is a choice. Joy is a deeper more tangible state of being where happiness is a fleeting feeling.

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