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LALEMANA is one of the most sustainable hairsalons in the heart of Barcelona. We speak several languages and have loooots of experience in all hairtypes, what we like to share not only with our costumers as not with other professionals. This is why we create colections twice a year showing them to hairdressers all over Spain. Have a look at our website!
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Mind & Soul Barcelona is run by a trio of experienced English-speaking psychologists and psychotherapists. They aim to help people turn challenging life situations into opportunities for growth. Kamen, Carlos and Sylwia consider their clients as 'unique individuals', each with the potential to "heal, transform and discover their own path."
They each have substantial psychotherapy training and experience and integrate knowledge from other fields such as Jungian psychotherapy, psychodrama, and...
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A community of therapists, a system of work with the human body, a path to self-knowledge.
ManuVision is a physical treatment system born in Denmark and established in Barcelona since 2010. The ManuVision treatment is similar to a massage but goes a little further by trying to find the cause of body tension that leads to stress, discomfort, contracture, etc.
ManuVision is also an active community of people working together based on treatment, training, fasting and meditation.
The Man...
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The Hestía International Psychotherapy Centre is a benchmark in Barcelona for its intercultural and innovative nature. Barcelona-based psychologists, psychotherapists and health professionals created Hestia to promote the health, development and wellbeing of people, within the different contexts of their lives: personal, family, academic, professional and social.
After opening its doors in 2005, Hestia committed to improving the quality of life of people through counselling, care, support,...
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Rigpa Barcelona is a non-profit association supported by volunteers who donate their time to help actualise the association's activities. Rigpa Barcelona's goal is to present Tibetan meditation and Buddhism authentically and genuinely for the life and needs of today's population.
Rigpa was founded in 1979 by Sogyal Rinpoche, a Buddhist teacher from Tibet, and the author of The Tibetan Book of Life and Death. Rigpa has the gentle patronage of the Dalai Lama, and each national association of...
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The Bori Zen Center invites everyone to experience the practice of zen meditation in a friendly and stimulating environment, where one can learn the basic techniques of Zen practise and discover how this tradition can help each individual and the world.
The Bori Zen Center is an extension of the Kwan Um School, an international Zen tradition operating in Catalonia for many years. Its retirement centre, Bori Sa, is located in Girona and offer daily practice and monthly retreats, occasionall...
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The Sex Academy Barcelona was founded in 2012 as the first academy of sexuality in Spain. It's a place where sex and sexuality are treated naturally, with lots of fun, but also in a professional manner. All the staff, collaborators and experts are qualified in sexology and other fields such as erotic narrative and photography. The entire Sex Academy team is committed to quality, professional and fun sex education.
Sex Academy Barcelona offers a wide range of courses, workshops and recreati...
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El Camino de Tanit offers the best natural therapies and group activities to achieve full well-being. It is a place to grow, heal, share and laugh. The Centre was created with a caring environment, to make one feel at east and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
El Camino de Tanit's goal is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and a happy life. They do this by offering personalised natural therapies in the form of take-home exercises so the work can continue bey...
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Ganga Sutaya is a holistic healing centre in Barcelona offering reiki, Vedic astrology, reiki courses, and other holistic therapies. The teachers are Ganga Sutaya work to outline situations and facilitate the search for answers that aren't yet clearly defined in individuals.
Ganga Sutaya's goal is to act to achieve profound changes in a person, keeping their patients healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.
Reiki is a Sanscrit word. ""Rei"", universal energy, and ""Ki"", vital e...
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