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I want to learn yoga

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Yoga is not only great for the body but also for the mind :) When I come out of a class I feel mentally calm for days. If you've never done it before you could always search a beginner's video on YouTube and start at home... or better still I'd say just jump straight into a class near you, beginner's of course. Hatha yoga is a good start as well as not super dynamic! ENJOY!

I think yoga can benefit you in so many ways. It's great to mentally calm down and just focus on breathing and being in the moment, but it is also a workout! I would suggest either checking out Yoga with Adrienne (or any other online yoga videos) or go to an actual class where you live.

Many gyms offer yoga classes too, so if you're already a member of a gym it could be worth checking out. A lot of yoga studios will offer the first class for free or at a reduced price :) 

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