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Which positive effects of yoga do you experience?

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There are a lot of studies around yoga and which health benefits it has. Many of them exploring just the positive effect of the physical body. However, what yoga does is to explore a reunion of body and mind. Western culture is currently rediscovering a holistic approach about our being. We see each other as a physical part and a mental part and talk about physical therapy and psychotherapy. As a result, we try to "cure" the mind or the "body" forgetting that we are one.

Yoga for me is a powerful tool to overcome this obstacle. To feel body and mind as one lead me to a transformation. I am less worried and less stressed which has a fantastic impact on my mood. This sounds great, right? I'm practising vinyasa and hatha yoga for years, and I see which progress I made already in some postures. However, I still feel like a beginner comparing myself with other yogis sometimes what can put me down. There's always more to learn. Which experiences have you made with yoga?

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